Our Process

At Structus Wealth Advisory, we specialize in developing financial plans that satisfy your short term goals while laying the foundation for your future. To accomplish this, we take a comprehensive approach that addresses three essential areas:

  • Examining your current situation
  • Defining financial goals
  • Continually measuring your progress

From start to finish, we will walk you through our proven financial planning process to help you achieve your goals. While serving as your advisor, we will work in a coach-like capacity to guide and educate you through every step of the journey.

Establishing Relationship

Successful planning starts with trust. We dedicate our initial meetings to learning about you and your life, both inside the financial world and beyond it.

Discovery and Data Gathering

We seek to gain a thorough understanding of who you are and what you value most. Working from that foundation, we can define your personal and financial goals and build a framework to grow and help protect your wealth.

Evaluating Financial Status

In addition to exploring your goals, we will analyze your risk tolerance, time-horizon, business commitments, family situation and more. By conducting a thorough evaluation of your current financial situation, we can develop strategies engineered to achieve your goals.

Develop Your Plan

After gaining a comprehensive view of your financial life, our professionals will craft plans tailored to your unique profile. Through every stage of our partnership, we are committed to enhancing your understanding of the strategies in place. Each of our proposals is dependent upon your review and endorsement.

Implementing Your Plan to Action

To aid in protecting your financial future, we will ensure all areas of your plan meet your expectations. Before implementing your custom strategies, we will work to make your plan seamlessly integrated across every discipline.

Monitoring Your Progress

Comprehensive wealth management plans adapt to the unexpected. As markets and economies change, your financial plans should have the elasticity to meet your unique and evolving needs. Through ongoing strategy meetings and reviews, we will stay vigilant and work alongside you to promote your continued success.