Our Team

Gary Williams


As Founder of Structus Wealth Advisory LC, Gary Williams guides his clients through the retirement planning process by crafting custom, tailored plans designed to withstand whatever the future may hold.

A longtime Financial Advisor and Registered Investment Advisor, Gary was raised in the rural areas of South Carolina and educated in the public school system. His father, a Baptist minister, and his mother, a graduate of Columbia Bible College, taught him that faith and family are the foundation to a successful journey through life.

Prior to joining the financial services industry, Gary served a tour of duty in Vietnam while in the United States Navy. Since that time, he worked his way through the corporate ladder at Bellsouth and later established his own consulting firm that specialized in technology startup companies. Since creating and selling his own technology company in 2001, he has dedicated his time and expertise to helping business owners and individuals create solid, personal financial business and retirement plans.

Having experienced the booming stock markets of the 1980’s and ’90’s, lived through the technology downturn of 2000, and weathered the market drop of 2007, Gary has a true appreciation for the importance of protecting the savings of those in retirement and those close to retirement. Having seen firsthand the impacts improper preparation and market volatility can have on an individual’s retirement plan, Gary makes it his mission to educate others on what they can do to ensure natural market cycles never adversely affect their future.

Gary and his wife, Kathy, have three children and four grandchildren who are the light of their lives. They are both active members of Riverland Hills Baptist Church, where Kathy serves as a greeter and as an on-call nurse, while Gary is a Deacon and has served as Chairman of the Deacons, Chairman of the Personnel Committee, and Men’s Fraternity Facilitator. Gary also travels to Peru twice a year, where he leads teams to serve the Huallaga Quechua in the Andes Mountains of Peru, assisting with community development and teaching Bible stories. When he’s not at the office, you can find Gary watching his grandson play baseball or flag football or his granddaughters perform at recitals and school events.

Kathy Williams

Operating Officer

As Operating Officer of Structus Wealth Advisory LC, Kathy Williams oversees the day-to-day operations and efficiency of the firm. Through all aspects of her work, she aims to provide clients with the highest level of personal attention and service.

Prior to becoming a Co-Founder of Structus Wealth Advisory, Kathy enjoyed two previous careers. She first worked in administration at Bellsouth for many years, from the Marketing Department to working closely with the President of Bellsouth in the firm’s South Carolina office. Following these successes, she returned to school and became a Registered Nurse, specializing in assisting mothers and babies in the Nesting Place.

A uniquely qualified Operating Officer, Kathy has a high level of administration and management expertise. Beyond her professional skillset, she has a deep sense of passion and truly cares for her clients.

Kathy and Gary share in their love of their children and grandchildren. Together, they focus their time on guiding Structus clients, helping raise their grandchildren, and serving their local church. Kathy is a greeter at Riverland Hills Baptist Church and also serves as an on-call nurse.